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What Kind Of Turtle Is This?

Would you believe another animal rescue? I’m downloading my pictures for the day and the doorbell rings.  It’s my neighbors kids.  “Do you want this Turtle?” “Sure, I guess.” I don’t know Turtles.  Well I take that back.  I know what a Red Eared Slider is, and I know what a Snapping Turtle is. When […]

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Houston Arboretum Wildlife Pictures

I’m going to attempt to present these pictures as I saw them so you can get a feel for how I went on this little field trip today. I’m walking down the trail to the Wildflower field and noticed this large, green Spider.  On closer inspection I could see this Spider was eating some type […]

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Turtles And Butterflies, Oh My

Although we didn’t see many birds at Armand Bayou, we did see quite a few Turtles (Red Eared Sliders) and Giant Swallowtail Butterflies. If you click on this picture and view it full size, you’ll see there’s a little Blue Dragonfly on one of the plants growing out of the pond.  I didn’t notice that […]

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