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Another Copperhead Snake Visitor

I was watering the garden once I got home, and who should appear but another Copperhead Snake.  I really love the beauty of these snakes. To encourage Leecy to do something constructive with the Snake, I encouraged her to make a brief video on how to identify these types of snakes for those that may […]

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Update On Homemade Copperhead Snake Bracelet

Leecy did some work on her Copperhead Snakeskin bracelet this weekend.  It’s not finished, but several of you were curious as to how it may look. She put the skin on a red plastic bracelet, so it made the bracelet reddish in color.  Leecy says next time she’ll use a bracelet that’s more neutral in […]

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Skinning A Snake For Jewelry?

Before I go any further, let me make some disclaimers.  First, this page contains some graphic videos, so don’t watch if you are easily offended or squeamish. Second, this wasn’t my idea, this was Leecy’s.  I couldn’t have done this in a million years.  Yes I am interested in biology and that sort of thing, […]

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