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Rain, Snake, Frogs, and Pond

So guess what happens when you get lots of rain, which in turn brings out lots of frogs? Other than some very loud Frogs croaking at night attracting mates, you also get a Broad Banded Water Snake. At least that’s what I discovered today while I was cleaning the Pond. Fortunately I still have my […]

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Essential Butterfly Gardening Tools?!

Let’s review the essential tools for Butterfly Gardening: Butterfly Net – Check Long Tweezers (for squishing bad bugs) – Check Digital Camera – Check Snake Tongs – Huh??? That’s right snake tongs.  I see a few snakes in the backyard from time to time and since they scare me and I don’t particularly want to […]

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Crikey That’s A Big Snake

So I just so happened to get my new “toy” today. It’s a snake tong. First some history.  I don’t particularly care for snakes.  Sure, I can look at them and say “what a beauty” (to quote Steve Irwin), but they scare me.  Since I have a pond, lots of vegetation, tons of frogs, and […]

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