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My Dream Camera Lens, Canon 500mm

I’ve fallen in love!  I’m renting my ultimate dream lens, the Canon 500mm f/4.  This lens is stunning. I received the lens today mid-morning couldn’t wait to test it out on my Canon 7D. I had just walked out in the backyard noticed a Squirrel.  Good enough for me. Then I hear the unmistakable sound […]

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Big Balled Flying Squirrel

Apologies in advance for being kind of crude, but I couldn’t resist.  I think I’ve taken a picture of this Squirrel before, as he has that little nip on his ear. The birds are obviously well fed in my backyard.  Apparently so are the Squirrels.  I don’t know about you, but to me, this guy […]

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Squirrel With An Itch

I didn’t take these shots, Leecy did, so she gets the credit.  Meet “Nippy” (notice the nip on his left ear).  This crazy Squirrel must have had some terrible itch!  He was itching his stomach for several minutes before another Squirrel came along and chased him off. He’s still itching Maybe he’s not really itching […]

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