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Loofah Plant Great For Pollinating Insects

This Loofah plant is really loved by the pollinating insects.  It attracts all kinds of Bees, Butterflies, Ants, and Wasps (not too many of these fortunately). The Ants that are attracted to this plant are not Fire Ants, and don’t appear to be very aggressive.  I need to investigate what type of Ants these are.  […]

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Giant Swallowtail Feeding On Nectar Plants

I managed to get some decent Giant Swallowtail pictures today while it was feeding on nectar plants. In this first image, the Swallowtail is getting nectar from one of our Penta plants. These next two images are “almost” the same, but one of them contains a notorious Butterfly Caterpillar killer.  These pictures are a little […]

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