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Aphid Predators: The Good Guys

I posted the picture yesterday showing the hundreds of Aphid covering my Milkweed plants.  Today I’d like to share some pictures of Aphid Predators.  I consider these the “Good Guys” when it comes to insects. Everyone knows about Ladybugs and Aphids right?  You typically can buy 1500-2000 Ladybugs for about $10.00, spread them around your […]

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Ladybug Munching On Aphid

Here’s something I’ve never been able to photograph before.  It’s a Ladybug eating an Aphid. The strange thing about this was that the Aphid was still alive and moving, while the Ladybug was eating it (I’m assuming it was eating it, maybe it was just holding it). After a few moments of watching this, another […]

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