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Ever Tried To Grow Your Own Loofah?

This is entirely Leecy’s creation.  She got the seeds from somewhere (she won’t tell me where) and planted them around 6 weeks ago. I’ll confess, I don’t know anything about this plant, but whatever it takes, it seems to like where it’s at. Leecy said she has about 15 of these “Loofah” things like the […]

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Brundel Fly?!

I thought this was a Bumble Bee but it was kinda dark for a Bumble Bee to be hanging around.  Then I looked at his eyes. He’s transforming, dying, or something, but whatever it is, he’s looking rather strange. Anyone know what is going on with this insect?  Why the big green eyes and not […]

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That's BS

BS is short for Bee Sting of which I was fortunate enough not to receive any today.  For about the past week, we’ve seen a quite a few Bumble Bees roaming about getting nectar.  One is just the regular ol Bumble Bee, and the other is some type of Black Bee. Regular Bumble Bee covered […]

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