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Sparrows Vs. Purple Martins

Tonight was an interesting night when it involves birds and butterflies, and insects. When I got home I noticed the backyard was rather quiet compared to normal.  I realized the normal flock of Martins were not flying above.  I then noticed several pesky Sparrows sitting on the Martin house.  Those birds drive me nuts as […]

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Birds And Butterflies Update

I apologize for not providing any pictures or updates as of late.  I’ll try and take and post new pictures tomorrow. Despite the lack of pictures, I can give everyone a verbal update. The Purple Martin babies (the original 5) all seemed to have fledged now.  There are probably 20 Martins flying around every night.  […]

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It’s Birdie Bath Time!

As I was getting ready this morning I noticed a bunch of fluttering around one of the Bird Baths.  When I looked out the Windows I noticed that there were 2 young Cardinals and a couple of Sparrows.  They were all frolicking in the bird bath.  I cracked open the backyard door and started to […]

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