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Juvenile Rufous Hummingbird On Bamboo Branch

This juvenile Rufous Hummingbird has been with me all Winter.  Unlike Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, he’s the toughest thing to photograph.  He’s very shy, flies away as soon as he sees me.  I believe this is the same guy that came around last Winter as well.  He’s got to be pretty lonely, as I’ve never seen […]

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Rufous Hummingbird In Winter

I’m going to assume that this is the same Rufous Hummingbird that visited last Winter. I’ve seen this little bird for about 1 month now, and it is a real challenge to get a quality picture.  I actually pulled out my bird blind to get these pictures I captured today.  This bird is very skittish. […]

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Mystery Hummingbird Solved? Rufous Hummingbird

I think the mystery Hummingbird is solved.  My friend Greg Lavaty came by on Friday so that I could help set up his computer, and if we really got lucky, to see the mystery Hummingbird that has been visiting my Coral Honeysuckle. Fortunately the Hummingbird did appear and Greg and I captured several pictures.  Greg […]

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