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Male Peacock Trying To Intimidate Small Kittens

I thought this video was interesting enough that I should post it.  I talked about Leecy’s favorite bird at these Cottages we are staying at is this male Peacock.  Well this Peacock also seems to have a preference for cat food and he’s willing to put on a full display to intimidate these kittens on […]

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Birds Of Country Inn And Cottages

There sure are a lot of birds I’ve never seen out here before.  We’re staying at Country Inn and Cottages out in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The one bird I saw today that I was unable to get a picture of was a Summer Tanager.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a picture tomorrow. A very common […]

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On Vacation In Texas Hill Country

Leecy kicked me out of the house and told me to go on vacation somewhere, so I’m out in the Texas Hill Country with Sascha (German Shepherd).  I’m actually in Fredericksburg Texas at some small cottage. Before everyone starts writing, Leecy really didn’t kick me out, but it was her idea that I go somewhere […]

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