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Disappearing Bird Stream Construction Stage Three

I’m now on stage 3 of my disappearing bird stream.  I’ve finished most of the actual layout.  I still need to mortar the rocks, get a ton of mulch for the whole area, and do some more landscaping. I had delivered 3000 pounds of moss rock, and smaller amounts of river pebbles and pond rock […]

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Birds And Butterflies Update

I apologize for not providing any pictures or updates as of late.  I’ll try and take and post new pictures tomorrow. Despite the lack of pictures, I can give everyone a verbal update. The Purple Martin babies (the original 5) all seemed to have fledged now.  There are probably 20 Martins flying around every night.  […]

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Birds In Flight

Part of the advantage of waking up early for taking pictures is that the light is much better than it is in the evening.  I haven’t paid that close of attention before, but after these photos I must say that Doves really do have a beautiful flight (does that make sense?). I kinda messed up.  […]

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