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Indigo Buntings Return!

Leecy had “eagle eyes” today, although it’s a wonder she didn’t scare this wonderful bird away.  I was vacuuming and Leecy starts screaming “it’s the blue bird” and clapping her hands.  I said, “what’s going on, you mean the Bluebirds?”  She said, “NO, the Blue Bird!” After momentarily thinking Leecy had lost her mind, I […]

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Indigo Bunting Makes Another Morning Visit

As I was making my morning rounds outside, I was actively listening for the sound of the Indigo Bunting that we saw yesterday.  Of course, I completely circle the backyard and don’t hear or see a thing, then Leecy walks out and immediately spots the bird. It wasn’t long after I took this picture, when […]

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Indigo Bunting Visits The Backyard

We had a rare surprise today!  In fact, we’ve never seen this bird in our backyard before, and I’ve never personally photographed this bird. What is it?  An Indigo Bunting!  What a beautiful bird. Believe it or not, it was Leecy who first saw this bird in our backyard.  I was inside on the computer […]

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