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Eye Diseases Of House Finches

Lately we’ve had quite a few House Finches at the feeder.  On this one particular female House Finch, it appears she has some type of eye disease. I haven’t researched what this might be, but if anyone knows what this may indicate, please let me know. Here is a copped shot of the right eye, […]

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Cedar Waxwings And House Finch In Sweetgum Tree

I had a nice visitor yesterday that I met from the TexBirds Listserv.  We had hoped to spot the Black Headed Grosbeak I saw last week.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see many birds at all. I mentioned to Leecy that we did a little hike in the woods behind the house yesterday, so she wanted to […]

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American Goldfinches And House Finch On Bird Feeder

We had tons of American Goldfinches around the bird feeder today.  We also had a House Finch feeding as well.  It’s really cold here right now so finding fresh food is a bit of a challenge right now. Taking good pictures was a real challenge as the lighting was terrible and it was cloudy and […]

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