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Backyard Winter Birds At The Feeders

Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted any pictures.  Quite honestly I was just taking a break, and running a little short on time. Despite the dreariness of Winter, I do have quite a few Winter birds in my backyard including American Goldfinches, Pine Warblers, Pine Siskins, House Finches, Northern Cardinals, Tufted […]

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Melvin The Cowbird Fed By Mother Cardinal

I saw Melvin again today.  He (actually it’s looking like a she) doesn’t look like a Cardinal at all now.  It’s day 13 for Melvin. Because it’s so hot down here, many of the birds are flocking to my bird fountains to get a drink, and that includes Melvin. Later Melvin begged his adopted mother […]

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I Think Melvin Is A Cowbird Not A Cardinal

I’ll start with the good news.  Melvin became a fledgling today.  He actually left the nest.  He didn’t travel far, just down a few branches, but I still think that qualifies him as a fledgling.  It’s also his eleventh day since he hatched, so that would be right on schedule. Now for the not so […]

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