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Bluejays In The Birdstream And Fledgling Learns To Take A Bath

Here’s another new video taken with my new Bushnell Trophy cam.  It’s a 2.5 minute video, but it’s really funny.  You’ll see this family of Bluejays visit the bird stream to take a bath and get a drink of water.  Apparently, one of the Bluejays is quite young, and isn’t exactly sure what to do […]

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First Shots From The Brickhouse Bird Blind

Although I didn’t get to spend much time in my new backyard bird blind, I did get to spend a little and I enjoyed it.  I was just a little too close to the feeder, but I love the detail in the shots. First up is the Red Bellied Woodpecker.  I’m pretty sure there is […]

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Do The Birds Like The Birdstream? Take A Look

So I spend all this money on 8 different cameras, and what camera gives me the best videos of the birds in the bird stream?  The Wingscapes Birdcam.  Oh well. The Doves must really like it.  You’ll see 3 Doves all together drinking and then splashing water on one another.  If you watch the video […]

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