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Male And Female Baltimore Oriole Feeding In The Morning

Honestly I’m surprised the male and female Baltimore Orioles were still here this morning, but I’m certainly not trying to rush them off.  The male appears much less shy than the female.  I did take a couple of decent pictures in the early morning light, and both birds seemed to enjoy the bird stream for […]

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Rare For Me: Male And Female Baltimore Oriole

I saw a pair of Baltimore Orioles today!  The last time I saw a Baltimore Oriole in the backyard was back in September of 2011.  I’ll apologize up front by saying these aren’t the best pictures, especially of the female, but I’m still culling through all of the pictures I took this evening trying to […]

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Baltimore Oriole Visits Backyard In Houston For First Time

Boy did I have a thrill today (I know, it doesn’t take much). I was on a conference call while working and all of the sudden this beautiful orange bird starts feeding off of the hummingbird feeder.  I had a hard time deciding if I should stay on the call or run out and try […]

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