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Butterflies Dropping Out Of The Sky

Poor Butterflies.  Today was a beautiful day, but it was a little chilly for Butterflies.  I literally saw two Monarchs drop out of the sky.  These poor Butterflies were doing all they could to warm up in the sun, but the high was only 68 degrees.  They’d be flying around, then that cold North wind […]

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Ruby Throated Hummers Working On Getting Fat

Thanks to Hurricane Karl, we are seeing somewhat cooler weather.  For you Northerners, that translates to it was just about 90 degrees, which is quite tolerable to me for this area. Because of the cooler weather, Leecy and I ventured out to the backyard, she was doing her crafting, and I decided to try and […]

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How To Build A Successful Butterfly Garden Videos

I thought I would put together some brief videos on how to create a successful Butterfly Garden for my last day of vacation. There are a total of 5 videos, each one is less than 2 minutes long.  Watching these should give you a decent idea of how to start (or continue) a successful Butterfly […]

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