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Male Eastern Bluebird And Two American Goldfinches Sharing Tree Branches

This might be one of the coolest bird pictures I have taken.  I had just set up the new Bluebird House with the hidden BirdCam and I heard the distinctive call of the Eastern Bluebird.  I ran inside to get some mealworms as I figured the Bluebirds would be coming to visit soon. Sure enough, […]

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Monarch Butterfly Getting Nectar On Maple Tree

We’re still raising Monarch Butterflies despite it being late January.  Of course, this is Houston and today’s temperature was 78 degrees so it’s not like we’re having a lot of cold weather at the moment. I had forgotten how our Maple Tree is a source of nectar for Butterflies and Honeybees until I saw this […]

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Monarch Butterfly Getting Nectar From Maple Tree?

In addition to the Cedar Waxwings behaving in an interesting way, I also witnessed a Monarch Butterfly do something I’ve never seen before. Today, I released one of the Monarchs that eclosed a couple of days ago.  The Butterfly got a nice draft of wing, and gently floated to our Maple tree.  That’s when it […]

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