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Queen And Gulf Fritillary Butterflies In The Morning

I went outside this morning because the temperature was so nice.  I was surprised to see so many Butterflies flying around.  There was an Female Eastern Black Swallowtail laying tons of eggs on the Fennel, lots of Gulf Fritillaries getting nectar from the nectar plants (Zinnia and Lantana), and a male Queen Butterfly on the […]

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Monarch And Queen Butterflies In The Garden

I actually thought I posted this pictures last night, but I guess I just uploaded them and forgot to create a blog post. It’s a little early for the Monarch Butterflies to have already made it down to Houston as part of their migration, so I have to assume these are local Monarchs.  There is […]

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Queen Butterfly On Blue Mistflower

Before I left Fredericksburg I bought to small Blue Mistflower plants since these seemed to be such Butterfly magnets. I already shared pictures of multiple Queen Butterflies feeding on the Blue Mistflower, but in going through my pictures from the week, I found this particular photo of one Queen Butterfly. Something struck me about this […]

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