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Lakeview Jasmine Vs Mock Orange Warning

I learned something today that really blew me away. We had 5 shrubs out front, what I thought were Mock Orange plants.  I always liked these plants for a couple of reasons.  One they smell great in the Summer, and second, they attract Giant Swallowtail Butterflies and Hummingbird Moths. This past Winter they seemed to […]

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Giant Swallowtail..First Time!

Finally!  I’ve never been able to get a clear picture of a Giant Swallowtail up close.  I’ve seen them around over the years and I’ve photographed the Caterpillars, but never was successful with an adult. These Butterflies are absolutely huge, and beautiful.  Previously we’ve seen them lay eggs on our Improved Meyer Lemon, Ruby Red […]

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More Hummingbird Moths

The Mock Orange Bush Lakeview Jasmine is still in full bloom and shortly after sunset the Hummingbird Moths arrived in large numbers.  Only a few problems.  I don’t really know how to take photographs in low light situations, these Hummingbird Moths move as fast as lightning, and I don’t have a great lens for taking […]

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