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Big Ass Gator At Sheldon Reservoir

Leecy and I both got up early to venture out to Sheldon Reservoir.  I actually did the fishing, and Leecy took the pictures. As I’m casting out my line, Leecy yells “There’s a gator!” As I peer through my camera lens, sure enough, there was a huge Alligator just crawling out on the shore on […]

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Move Your Butt!

I couldn’t resist creating some witty title for this picture.  Like the recent Butterfly photos, this one is also from Sheldon Reservoir.  I’ve never seen such HUGE Dragonflies. When I was preparing to take this photo it looked like the female Dragonfly was looking right at me (as if her head is turned to the […]

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Sheldon Reservoir Butterflies

I took a weekend trip to Sheldon Reservoir since it was fairly close to the house.  That place is pretty rustic compared to the parks I have been to previously.  I went there mainly to try my hand at shooting some birds, but ended up taking a few Butterfly photos as well. This first shot […]

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