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Photographing Butterflies Houston Arboretum

It’s been a while but I mentioned how I was signed up for a couple of classes involving Butterflies.  Both of the classes were offered by the Houston Arboretum. The first class was Butterflies of Houston and the Upper Texas Gulf Coast taught by Nancy Greig, Ph.D.  She is the Curator of Entomology at the […]

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Turtles And Butterflies, Oh My

Although we didn’t see many birds at Armand Bayou, we did see quite a few Turtles (Red Eared Sliders) and Giant Swallowtail Butterflies. If you click on this picture and view it full size, you’ll see there’s a little Blue Dragonfly on one of the plants growing out of the pond.  I didn’t notice that […]

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Finally Some Butterflies

Once we finished walking along the creek (or river), we hiked along a trail that had lots of vines, low grasses, and in one case, a tasty roof (I’ll explain shortly).  Some of these Butterflies I have never seen in my backyard, so it was refreshing to witness something new. Here’s a Gray Hairstreak.  I […]

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