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Some Birds From Houston Arboretum

I take a small field trip to the Houston Arboretum today with the intention of taking some pictures of Birds. I’ll say one thing, taking pictures of birds in this environment is challenging, at least it was for me.  There’s a lot of brush and twigs that the Birds love to hang around, and that […]

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Houston Arboretum Revisited

Since Leecy went to the Susan G. Komen walk this morning, I decided I would take a field trip back to the Houston Arboretum.  As I mentioned before, I really like that place. Lots of Fritillaries were flying around, a few Monarchs, and several Skippers.  There was also a beautiful Hawk hunting mice, a family […]

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Photographing Butterflies Houston Arboretum

It’s been a while but I mentioned how I was signed up for a couple of classes involving Butterflies.  Both of the classes were offered by the Houston Arboretum. The first class was Butterflies of Houston and the Upper Texas Gulf Coast taught by Nancy Greig, Ph.D.  She is the Curator of Entomology at the […]

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