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Texan Crescent Butterfly Basking In The Heat

The only Butterflies I’m seeing consistently right now are the Texan Crescent Butterflies. I’ve got to assume this drought is effecting the Butterflies.  I’m doing all I can to keep the nectar plants adequately watered. Speaking of nectar plants, we pulled up the Indian Blanket Wildflowers.  Most of them had finished blooming, and they were […]

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Texan Crescent Butterfly Loves The Wildflower Garden

These Texan Crescent Butterflies really love our Wildflower garden.  I see them on more days than not, but I tend to get distracted when I have my camera and end up taking pictures of something else. Once I took a break from taking pictures of the Purple Martins, I headed over to the Butterfly and […]

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Texan Crescent Butterfly Feeding On Indian Blanket Wildflowers

For the first time in my backyard I saw (and photographed) a Texan Crescent Butterfly.  It appeared to be very attracted to the nectar in the Indian Blanket Wildflowers.  These are probably the most abundant Wildflowers we have in our Wildflower garden.

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