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An Update On The Disappearing Bird Stream

The bird stream is working beautifully and the birds are using it to drink and bathe on a daily basis.  That was the original purpose of the stream so I am happy with that. Where I am struggling a bit is with all the cameras I have set up to record these events, and how […]

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Disappearing Bird Stream Construction Stage Three

I’m now on stage 3 of my disappearing bird stream.  I’ve finished most of the actual layout.  I still need to mortar the rocks, get a ton of mulch for the whole area, and do some more landscaping. I had delivered 3000 pounds of moss rock, and smaller amounts of river pebbles and pond rock […]

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Disappearing Bird Stream Construction Stage Two

I made little progress during the week on the disappearing bird stream, but did find some time to work on it Sunday. We made the area for the waterfall, and I used whatever miscellaneous moss and bull rocks I had laying around.  The flow of the water seems okay, it’s still a little deep so […]

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