What’s black and white, has 8 breasts, and a ringed tail?

Like my riddle?  I’ll get to the punchline in just a second, but first let me describe what I am watching on my outdoor cameras.

A mama raccoon doing pullups on my bird feeder.  A baby raccoon walking around in circles hunting for food around the bird feeder.  A small skunk attempting to eat until the baby raccoon walks nearby.

What this leads to is the small skunk chasing after the baby raccoon, then when it gets close, doing a complete 180 and raising it’s tail.  If that baby raccoon doesn’t smell like a skunk yet, it soon will.

My answer to the riddle is a still nursing Raccoon mother, a skunk, and a baby raccoon.

I love wildlife, but this might be becoming a wildlife hazard!

Now I’m just going to mozy on outside and see what the camera captured.  I’m also taking a risk I will get sprayed by a skunk, attacked by a raccoon, or bitten by a mosquito in its quest to spread west nile virus

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