Eastern Bluebird Baby Hatching From Egg Video!

I thought this was kind of neat since I’ve never seen this before.

To give you a little background if you are new to the site, we have an Eastern Bluebird nest containing 4 eggs.  This is their second nest of the season.  The first nest was built in a house without a camera inside, whereas the second nest was built in the house that has a little nest cam inside (I got lucky she did this).

When I connected the camera this morning I saw that one baby had already hatched.  I started recording as soon as I left for work hoping I might get lucky and see a baby actually hatch from an egg.  It turns out I did get lucky!

To give you some of the highlights from the video, you can see a small crack in the egg.  Mama Bluebird then starts lightly pecking around the egg.  Eventually the egg splits down the middle and you can see something squirming inside.  Daddy Bluebird then comes by the nest and gives Mama a meal worm (which is a good thing because the first baby was moving all over the place). Mama Bluebird then picks up the egg and eats the top half of the egg.  You can see the baby Bluebird starting to move around and it actually looks like it’s wearing a white helmet:-).  She then eats the second half of the egg and starts moving the baby around.  During this whole episode you can see the first baby squirming all around the nest.

Camille - Awesome video catch. That was amazing to watch and it was also my first time getting to watch a baby bluebird hatch, which I enjoyed very much. 🙂
Thank you for sharing this with us!!June 21, 2012 – 10:51 pm

dawn goodwin - a-MAZ-ingJanuary 24, 2013 – 7:56 am

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