Red Shouldered Hawk Visits The Bird Stream

This is a first.  I was reviewing my videos that were taken automatically with my BirdCam that is pointing towards the disappearing bird stream.  I noticed a rather large bird sitting in the stream.  After reviewing the 3 short clips, I fired off an email to my friend Greg Lavaty to get confirmation about what type of Hawk this was.  His reply was that it was a Red Shouldered Hawk.  The Red Shouldered Hawk that has been sitting on my fence occasionally is huge, much bigger than this one, so perhaps it is young.

It didn’t appear to be hunting for anything in particular, just getting a drink of water.  I’m sure the the other birds around the yard didn’t view its presence that way though.

I made the 3 little clips into 1 solid clip so that’s why you see the breaks in the movie.

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