An Update On The Disappearing Bird Stream

The bird stream is working beautifully and the birds are using it to drink and bathe on a daily basis.  That was the original purpose of the stream so I am happy with that.

Where I am struggling a bit is with all the cameras I have set up to record these events, and how to get those on my blog.

Let me explain.  If you’ve read my blog lately you know I built a disappearing bird stream.  I really like it and what it brings to the yard.  However, I’m not a patient type of person so I went out and bought an 8 channel digital video recorder to capture these 8 different image streams.  Again, that part is not too complicated, just expensive.  The next parts are what is challenging me.  I do have motion recording capabilities but there’s skill associated with this.  If I just set them to record 24 hours of video, it takes forever to find whenever the interesting activity occurs, and that’s just one one camera.  I’ve got 7 more I need to contend with as well.  I could tell the camera to record only with motion, and that works great if there is no wind, and the creature does enough to stimulate the recording of the camera.  Then there’s another part about how can I enable live video streaming of my blog for you the readers?

Thinking out loud here, but perhaps what I need to focus on is just live streaming of the one Bluebird nest, and perhaps the bird feeder,  Those should be full time activity once the Bluebird lays her eggs.  The stream is cool to watch, but there’s not a bird in there ever minute so the activity for that one is more sporadic.  I would have thought the Hummer cam would be useful right now, I’m just lacking hummingbirds.

Now a question for the experts.  What are some of the real time video streaming companies out there?  Give me a rough idea of the pricing and are they Mac friendly.  I do not want to do a flash based video site.  Educate me and I promise I will give you the appropriate credit.


If worse comes to worse, for those that are really interested I’d probably have to ask them you contact me directly to ask for access and then I could create you an account to view.


Just random thoughts, but would love the education on how to do this right

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