Disappearing Bird Stream Construction Stage 5

I’m not sure where I said I was on my disappearing bird stream stage 4, but here is stage 5.

The stream is done.  I go back and forth about mortaring the rocks around the stream.  I need to touch up the area behind the stream, but it’s not visible when I’m taking pictures, so I haven’t rushed to complete that.  I need to add a couple more plants that can provide cover for the birds, but I haven’t quite decided what kind of plants I want to use.  Perhaps some tall native grass or something.

I always have to put up a fence around the stream, at least when I let the dogs out, otherwise they think it’s a giant litter box.  Both dogs would probably drink out of it if I let them.

The birds like the stream and they do use it.  I’ve seen them drinking water from the stream, as well as bathing.  As soon as the Spring migration starts, it will be interesting to see what types of birds the stream will attract.

I made a new video today just to try and share where I am at with this disappearing bird stream.  I start the video by my Lemon tree, then pan over to the Rose Garden, Bird Garden, then finish with the Purple Martin houses.

Speaking of Purple Martins, I received my new 12 room gourd house from Susan over at PurpleMartins-R-Us.  I finally got it all set up today, and you can see it towards the end of the video.  I’ll do a video and post about this new house tomorrow.


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