Disappearing Bird Stream Construction Stage Three

I’m now on stage 3 of my disappearing bird stream.  I’ve finished most of the actual layout.  I still need to mortar the rocks, get a ton of mulch for the whole area, and do some more landscaping.

I had delivered 3000 pounds of moss rock, and smaller amounts of river pebbles and pond rock (bull rock).  Needless to say, my back is shot.

As soon as I finished today, a ton of birds started investigating and some (Mourning Doves) started actually drinking from the stream.  When I say a ton of birds, these were the birds that I saw:

  1. Mourning Dove
  2. Carolina Chickadee
  3. Cardinal
  4. Mockingbird
  5. Eastern Bluebird
  6. Redwinged Blackbird

The plants along the side of the stream are two Rosemary plants on the right side, a Holly and a Bottlebrush plant on the left side.  In front of the pond to the side of the bird feeder is an Eastern Red Cedar.

With any luck, I should finish in another weekend.  Obviously I need to clean up around the area as you will likely notice in the videos.

I have two videos to share, one showing the front view, and one showing the back view.  The birds that I saw drinking out of the steam walked up to the disappearing part then proceeded to go a little deeper.

Here’s the front view

Here’s the back view


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