Revisiting Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

I’m posting this for my own benefit as much as anyone else.  By posting this, it will force me to wake up early and do what I intend to do.

I’m planning on revisiting Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge tomorrow (Saturday).  I think it’s been almost a year since I was last out there.  Even then, I remember how low the water levels were.  It’s a great birding location (in my opinion).  While I’m not very good at identifying the birds, I always enjoy my time out there.  It is so quiet and desolate and I actually like that type of serenity.

Oh, I also bought a couple of new “things.”  One is the Vortex Viper 8×42 HD Binocular and the other is the Naturescapes SkimmerSack Bean Bag.  The binoculars are for birdwatching and identification and the Skimmersack is for photography when shooting from your car (or fence post, etc).  I really do want to become better at identifying birds so I figured the binoculars may help somewhat for the birds I see and want to identify before trying to sneak up on them to take a picture.  I’ll try and post some reviews sometime soon of both of these, as well as some new birding books I recently bought.

I’ll be posting pictures from the Anahuac trip later this weekend.

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