Leecy Wears A New Garter Snake Bracelet

Before I start getting the emails, no animals (or reptiles) were harmed during this photo shoot (the Snake was released into the woods after I took a few pictures).

Leecy was helping me in the garden this morning and saw a small Garter Snake, at the same time I was hunting a Broad Banded Water Snake in the pond.  Leecy was more successful than I was and caught the Garter Snake with her bare hands.  Being the creative type she is, she decided to make another Snake bracelet (actually the Snake did it on its own).


Leecy's Garter Snake Bracelet

Speaking of Snakes, I think we’ve already seen more this year than all of last year.  Lots of Garter Snakes (this is one of the smallest I’ve seen), 3 Broad Banded Water Snakes, and the one Western Cottonmouth.  Perhaps it’s because Houston is already experiencing its worst drought on record and the Snakes are looking for habitat that has water and prey.

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