The Frog Croaked

I’m sad to report that the Green Tree Frog I attempted to rescue has died.  I’m not sure the leg amputation killed the Frog, it looked like it dried out or something.  I did keep it in the house for the night, and although I slightly misted the Frog before going to bed, it still died.

On the bright side, I did rescue three Lizards the same day.  When I went outdoors to get one of our Butterfly enclosures, three stiff Lizards fell out of it.  I thought they might be dead since they appeared pretty stiff and it was well below freezing, but apparently they were just cold.  Once I got them inside, they started moving around.

I released the Lizards this morning since the temperature was close to 60F degrees and they quickly dashed off to go do what Lizards do.

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