What Happens When Kitten Plays With German Shepherd?

Probably not what you think.  Leecy provided these pictures.

Delilah, our adopted rescue kitty really seems to like Sascha, my German Shepherd.  In truth, Sascha seems to like the kitty as well.

However, I wonder what Sascha must be thinking?  “Why’s this kitten playing with my ear?”  Why am I in the crate when the kitten is attacking me?”

Kitten Playing With Dog

Kitten Playing With Dog's Ear

Once playing with Sascha’s ear got boring, Delilah just decided to lay down on top of Sascha’s crate.

Kitten Watching German Shepherd

Kitten Watching German Shepherd

Dione - Hey old friend. Leecy gave me your blog address when she saw me post about our caterpillar (one more week to go) on FB. Have very much enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures. I remember when you were putting in your pond.

This reminds me of our dog, Buddy, a pointer – bassett hound mix, and our 8 month old black kitties. At nite, they climb on top of his kennel and torture him in much the same fashion.

Now that we have a backyard will have to see what we can do to plant to attract the butterflies too!

thanks for sharing!June 17, 2010 – 2:57 pm

texdr - Hi Dione!

Long time no speak. Plant Milkweed. It’s super easy to grow and it will attract Monarchs. You can also just plant some nectar type plants and that will attract them as well (although you won’t have caterpillars).June 20, 2010 – 9:24 pm

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