Animal Rescue: Kitten In Refrigerator

Okay, before I get to the story, let me assure you that this is 100% true and not exaggerated.

We decided to let Delilah out to play, hoping that she is almost over her respiratory infection (she goes back to the vet on Friday).

Surprisingly, our other cat Chloe decided it was time to quit hissing at the kitten and that it would be more fun to play with her.

So the cat and kitten are running around playing with each other then both get tired.  Leecy announces that she is going upstairs (to do what I don’t know).

A couple minutes later I heard this sound coming from the kitchen.  I thought, uh oh, the kitten has gotten into something.

So I dash in the kitchen looking for Delilah.  I open the pantry and she’s not in there.  I could swear it sounded like she was behind the refrigerator.

I yell for Leecy, “Leecy, we’ve got another animal emergency, the kitten has gotten behind the refrigerator!”

As I’m listening to the sounds coming from around the refrigerator I’m thinking to myself, “how the heck did the kitten get behind the refrigerator?”  There was no way she could have jumped up to the top of the refrigerator (a little taller than 6 feet).

I decided (don’t ask me why) to open the refrigerator, and there is Delilah, staring at me, probably asking why she was put in the refrigerator.

I yell back up to Leecy, “Leecy, you closed Delilah in the refrigerator!” (she was only in there maybe a couple of minutes)  Despite the funny story, Leecy felt pretty bad.

Lesson learned for the day.  Always look before you close the refrigerator door to make sure your kitten didn’t jump inside.  As an additional reminder, we now have a note on the refrigerator door to make sure the kitten is safe before closing the door:-).

That’s my animal rescue story for the day.

New Tabby Delilah

New Tabby Delilah

Nicola - Checking on Delilah’s progress from England, almost had a heart attack when I read the heading, “kitten in refrigerator” which for those of us in rescue (I was Delilah’s foster mom) usually implies a kitten has passed away. Can’t tell you how relieved I am this was not the case. Hope her kitty cold is much improved! She is the cutest, sweetest kitten!!!May 12, 2010 – 3:46 am

texdr - Delilah is doing fine. Other than looking at me kinda funny, she acted like nothing ever happened once she escaped from the refrigerator.

We take her back to the vet on Friday to see how she is progressing on her respiratory infectionMay 12, 2010 – 10:11 am

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