Another Day, Another Animal Rescue

Another day, another rescue.  I’m hopeful this will be short term and not a big deal.

Leecy took Delilah to the vet today just to make sure everything is okay.  Now before I tell you the results, I did suspect that something was slightly amiss with the kitty.  As it turns out, Delilah has a respiratory infection, and it is infectious.  Our vet didn’t think it would be a huge ordeal to treat, but we do have to treat her for 2 weeks and keep her away from our other cat Chloe.

Now Delilah has been moved upstairs (just like Madison was).  Leecy and I take turns playing with her and visiting her.  I’ll be the one who has to give her the twice daily medications (I have that role for all of our animals that get sick).  For a sick kitty (she sounds a little hoarse today) you wouldn’t really be able to tell.  She still loves to play and jump around.  She still has absolutely no fear, she walked right in to every room upstairs (which she had never seen before), tail held high, and just went to explore.  She even looked at herself in a full length mirror and just stared at it for a couple of seconds, then kept on walking.

Oh well, another day, another animal rescue:-)

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