Daddy Cardinal Carrying Away Poop?

Just when I start to feel like I might know something, I discover I don’t know anything.  Can someone educate me about what the daddy Cardinal is doing in this video?

Watch the video at about the 10 second mark.  One of the baby birds regurgitates something (poop?) and the daddy Cardinal takes it in his mouth and flies away.

Question 1:  What is that stuff the baby bird is regurgitating?

Question 2:  As I continue to post videos of these Cardinals and their young, would you prefer to see longer segments, shorter segments, or just as they are?  I’ve been just posting quick clips of interesting behaviors, but if people would be more interested in longer segments, I’d be happy to post those as well.

Question 3:  Does anyone know about uploading live feeds?  Suppose I wanted to run this feed all day and night and have it be real time.  Is doing something like that expensive?  Would that be interesting to those of you who read this blog?  Has anyone ever done that type of thing before?  Any companies that you would recommend I check out?

Update:  I just read that after pooping, the Cardinal parents will carry away the “fecal sac” so as not to attract predators.

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