Gone Fishin'

Well not really, but I realize I haven’t posted much this week.  I’ve been getting home a little later than normal, then we’ve actually had some rain (yea!) a few nights as well.

I’m going to try the early morning Saturday ritual and get some pictures. It’s supposed to be really hot and humid tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll be sweating like a pig.  It’s so humid here, especially in the morning, that I have to take my camera outside 30 minutes before I shoot just to let the lenses defog.

There is one image I’m hoping to capture.  We have a Woodpecker, but it has a completely white head.  I’m not sure if that means it’s a young Woodpecker or some albino type thing.  I saw it for the first time this afternoon.

Tonight Leecy and I saw Michael J. Frog for the first time in weeks.  I guess the one and a half inches of rain brought him out from wherever he’s been hiding.  As usual, he was in the pool.

Something I almost forgot. We had a little scare earlier in the week.  Back on Sunday I guess it was, I asked Leecy to trim Maggie’s back legs just a bit.  That was a mistake.  Leecy trimmed one side almost to the skin, but left the other side noticeably longer.  Not wanting Maggie to look like a complete freak, I brought out the clippers to give her an even trim.  It was then that Leecy and I noticed that Maggie had this 2 inch lump just below her rib cage.  That scared me, so the next morning I called the vet to bring both Maggie and Sascha in for their yearly checkup.

Well, leave it to Leecy to freak me out some more.  The next night when we were placing Coco’s cover on her cage, Leecy says to Coco, “Say A Prayer for Maggie, Coco.”  I look at her (Leecy) and asked why she said that.  I knew what Leecy was thinking (cancer), but I was purposely trying not to think too negative.  However, after that comment to Coco, I decided to call the vet the next morning and see if we could bring Maggie in later that afternoon.

We did end up taking Maggie to the vet the next day for a thorough exam.  The vet said that the lump was just a “fatty deposit” and nothing to worry about.  He said her teeth were immaculate.  However, she did have a yeast infection in her ears (not too uncommon for a floppy eared dog).  And, last but not least, Maggie weighed almost 60 pounds.  I almost fell over when I heard that as Maggie has never weighed that much in her life.  A gave a quick scowl to Leecy for making me, Maggie, Sascha, and Chloe all fat.  We also did a comprehensive blood work exam since Maggie is now 8 years old and considered “senior.”  One last thing.  Maggie apparently does not like going to the vet anymore.  She acted freaked out the whole time, which is highly unusual for her anywhere else.  You would have thought she’d been traumatized at the vet based on how she acted.  I guess as she gets older, the vet seems more scary.

Now fast forward to Friday for Sascha’s appointment.  Sascha, the dog with limitless energy, was the perfect calm patient.  Confidently walked into the vet, greeted everyone appropriately, sat down perfectly when necessary, and let the vet poke and prod her for the exam.  She didn’t even flinch when they checked her ears (she doesn’t even like her ears getting wet, much less someone sticking their fingers inside them).  Sascha now weighs 75 pounds and other than that, had perfect health.  Teeth, like Maggie’s, were immaculate.

At the end of the visit today they reviewed Maggie’s blood tests with me.  Everything was normal and looking good.  No cause for concern.

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